Our Story

Founded in September of 2019 by a team of acne and eczema prone females, Blora Beauty is an "inverted" skincare brand. We have harnessed tobacco seed oil, a recently discovered compound that has beneficial properties for the skin and dually works to destigmatize tobacco (think similar to CBD!). Our project was birthed from the NASA-sponsored innovation competition, the Conrad Challenge, where Blōra Beauty won the top marketing prize for their pitch. Our team wanted to create a skincare product that would directly help demographics more prone to skincare issues and their side effects (hyperpigmentation, etc.).

Blora is developing an oral supplement to help with hydration and discoloration of the skin. After speaking to our peers, we realized that most people who lack a consistent skincare routine are simply lazy… and we are too! Our "inverted approach" - an oral supplement/gummy - is much easier to commit to than a 3-step topical skincare regime! We are helping the body prevent flare-ups from within, while supplementing topical approaches. Tobacco seed oil, our main ingredient, has evidence of mitigating the aforementioned issues!  

Mila Patel
Co-Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Hi! I am a second year at Georgia Tech studying business-finance. My role centers around the product development and finance realms. With ongoing eczema battles, Blora has become the perfect avenue to reimagine how my peers deal with flare-ups.  As well, finding a way to bridge the technical nature of our product to consumers has been exciting.  Fun fact: I am a huge Bollywood fan!

Sonia Shah 
Co-Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Hello! I am a first year student at UNC-Chapel Hill studying business and data science. At Blora, I focus on operations and long-term growth + development of the brand. As someone who has both struggled with various skin conditions and finding solutions for them throughout my life, I am incredibly passionate about providing treatments for consumers who are grappling with similar skin battles.

Mary Esposito
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Hi y'all! I am a first year student at UNC-Chapel Hill studying business. At Blora, I focus on developing a marketing strategy to increase reach and subsequently revenue. As a Tiktok content creator with 50k+ followers on my personal channel, I am well versed in using social media to grow a business. At Blora, my goal is to reach young adults who struggle with skin issues and convert them into customers. Fun fact: I like to crochet in my free time!