Meet the Team


Mila Patel

Co-Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mila is a passionately creative entrepreneur who focuses on product management, finance, and branding aspects.


Sonia Shah

Co-Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Sonia is a beauty visionary who works on the long term strategy and marketing facets.


Mary Esposito

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Mary is a seasoned entrepreneur who handles branding and marketing sectors.


Our Story:

Founded in September of 2019 by a group of teenage girls, Blōra Beauty LLC is a company that strives to promote modern skincare with an all-inclusive community. We have harnessed tobacco seed oil, a recently discovered compound that has beneficial properties for the skin and dually works to destigmatize tobacco (think similar to CBD!)

Our project was birthed from the NASA-sponsored international high school entrepreneurship challenge, the Conrad Challenge, where Blōra Beauty won the top marketing prize for their pitch. Our team wanted to create a skincare line that would directly impact and help specific demographics that are more prone to certain skincare issues, such as hyperpigmentation, acne, or eczema. After looking into solutions already on the market for these types of issues, we found that existing products don't touch on specific issues that marginalized groups face, and also have lasting negative side effects. This prompted us to create a new solution that explores the intersection of skincare and diversity.
In the Conrad Challenge, we worked to create the foundation of our company, and have since been working on developing our brand and getting in contact with chemists to formulate and manufacture our product.